10 Legit Ways To Make Money




3. Amazon.com

how to make passive income online in nigeria
how to make passive income online in nigeria

Although Amazon started off by selling books but Amazon can actually sell anything you can think of,you can actually make money with Amazon.
Here are 3 ways to make money on Amazon
Amazonmeachanicalturk is like Upwork,is a site where business can be outsourced if it is too difficult for a computer,such as audio editing,transcribing,testing websites and translating languages,freelance writing and a whole lot of services.
On Amazonmeachanicalturk you can make as much as $20 to $30 per hour by working on a few different tasks,this is a Legit Way of Making Money and they do pay and this is an active income.
  .Amazonkindle publishing
This is the second way of making money from amazon.Turn your ideas into an eBook and start making money today.

Anytime you buy an eBook from amazon,amazon and its publishers makes money and you can do that too.The thing about kindle publishing is that you can either write these book or outsource it to someone,you don’t have to be an established author or have a publishing company to make money on amazon from Amazon kindle publishing.

6 Most Profitable Niches To Make Money Online

You can actually do this from the comfort of your home and earn some passive income.The best part it’s absolutely free.Amazon takes care of the collection of money for you and sends the payment to you.
Some people make over $100,000 from publishing freely on Amazon kindle
So you can sign up and start making money from Amazon kindle publishing business.

If you are really interested i highly recommend it.
     .Amazon Associate Program
This is a very popular and easy way of earning passive income.All you need is to signup on Amazon Associate Program and pick from any of the niche or products and start promoting them with your own unique id.

if anyone buys through your link,Amazon pays between 5 to 10% commission to you on anyone that buys through your link.This payment can be received within 60 days of purchase.

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