12 Legitimate Work From Home Jobs With No Fees

Become An Online Subject Expert

Become An Online Subject Expert
The Sixth legitimate work from home jobs with no fees method is to Become An Online Subject Expert,The demand for online tutor is growing fast.so if you like helping others to learn,online tutoring could be a legitimate work from home jobs with no fees for you.Chegg.com is a US based online tutoring company which provides the online solution to students by charging them for membership.You can be an online expert in your expertise subject.

Suitable for:
Suitable for students who are taking the higher education or pursuing graduation. suitable for House wives too

How it works:
-create an account with chegg.com (watch this video guide HERE )
-You will be given some few questions on your dashboard to answer under 2 hours.
How much can you earn?
– Payment is for the month is from 1st day to 30th or 31st.
-You can also earn about 15k to 30k in a month if you work for 4 hours daily.

Online Tutoring websites
-udemy.com (a video tutorial site)
A second legitimate work from home jobs with no feesĀ  method on this idea,is by building your own by creating a local ad or flier with your credentials and contact information and placed it up in libraries,stores,community bulletin boards,Create a Facebook page etc.

Earning Expectation
-You can earn from 49 to 440 per hour,but this depends on your reputation and Professional expertise or experience.
But if you are a certified teacher with expertise such as advance math,science,statistics and computer Programming,you can charge more that $45 per hour.

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