Top Revenue Sharing Websites

Top Revenue Sharing Websites
Top Revenue Sharing Websites

Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily

How The System Works?

On the Internet, there is a common saying that content is king. What this statement emphasizes is that the success of any website depends on the volume of content in it, and its quality. People come to a website because of the information they want to get there.if you are looking for Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily ,i can guarantee you that you have come to the right place that provides concrete information on Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily.

And it is only when people visit a website that the owner stand a chance of making money from it as the visitors may perform certain actions that would allow the site owner to make money from these Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily.

For this reason, any website owner that desires success would work towards having lots of quality content on their website to attract the hundreds of millions of people that use the Internet daily.

To achieve this, some of these Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily  website owners employ freelance writers to produce fresh and unique articles for them, while many others are now deciding to go the smart way. And that is where the opportunity you are about discovering and exploiting comes about.

There are many websites on the Internet, whose business model is to become massive and build huge traffic. Most of them now have monthly traffic in millions, with people visiting them from all parts of the world to read their articles or different subjects to get information.

For these websites to achieve their goal of been huge, they need to have tons of articles loaded onto them daily. Since they cannot afford paying freelance writers to keep writing articles for them day in, day out, their best bet is to ask Google to give a certain percentage of their adsense revenue to anyone who signs up with them and contributes articles.

If you don’t know what adsense is, let me quickly explain it here, although, I will be treating it deeply later.

Google ad sense are those contextual Google adverts you normally see displayed on certain websites that signed up for it. The ad sense that shows up on a web page are always related or relevant to the content on the page.

When people visit the page to read its content, they will see the Google ad sense also displayed on the page. And because they are looking for information, they will naturally click on the Google adverts to get more information.

And this is where the money is made. When someone clicks on the adsense on your page, Google will credit your account instantly. That means you have made money for that click.

The amount of money you will make for a click on your adsense is not fixed, it depends on two factors:

It depends on the level of bidding on the keyword that generated the advert on your page. If the bidding is high, then your earning per click will be high.This is why sometimes you can make $0.20 on a click on a particular keyword, which could fetch you $0.50 or more some other times.

The second factor is the kind of subject you have written on. Some subjects are heavily bided on, so much that you can make up to $5 or more for just one click.

For instance, if a click on your adsense gave you $0.20, and you got 10 clicks, that’s $2 for that day.

But if you got, say 100 clicks, that’s $20, etc – there is no limit to what you can earn – the greater the traffic to your site, the higher you could earn.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily

The following are top revenue sharing website to make $100 daily in no particular other


A great online platform where you can share tips, advice, reviews, insights and opinions with a large online community and earn Google ads revenue share from your writing. Also, include affiliate links to products on your HubPages articles to increase your passive revenue streams on HubPages.It has merged with squidoo.


Write content for Factoidz and earn a percentage of Google ads revenue from your article plus great up front bonuses for each article that you publish. Also, write in depth product reviews and earn up to $30 in upfront bonuses for excellent content plus passive revenue share from the reviews. Payment is completed on the 1st of every month.


A great content site that gives you the opportunity to earn money in three ways: Write articles on your topic of choice and receive 50% of the advertising money earned, review already published articles and receive 5% of the ad revenue and finally refer people to join the platform and receive 10% of the money they earn. Pay is made once a month as soon as you reach the 5 Great Britain pounds. Also, add links from their PR3 domain to send free traffic to your own website or blog.


Write summaries and reviews on virtually every topic imaginable for a chance to earn great revenue share passive income on Shvoong. Refer people to join the platform and earn up to $100 for every new writer you refer. Also, create links to your posts on forums, blogs, personal website and other sites to get free web traffic on this site. Pay is made through PayPal as soon as you reach the $10 minimum payment threshold.

A high traffic website with a page rank of 5 that allows you to submit articles or create your own “World” and earn 100% of the money your articles generate from Google Ads. To create even greater focus and expertise, in early 2017 with approximately 12 million monthly unique.


This is another Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily,You are allowed to Post articles on Bukisa and get paid varying rates for every 1000 article page views, depending on daily Bukisa index price. Also, get free traffic benefits from this high PR website by including links to your home page. Payment is completed via PayPal once you reach the minimum payout of  $10.

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7.thedollarstretcher is a reliable Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily,Payment is at the rate of $0.10 per published word. Payment is made after the initial editing of the article. We do that so that we know the exact word count of the article. Typically we’ll send a check or credit writer’s paypal account approximately two to three weeks after acceptance and will be sent to the address provided. Payment will be by check in US$ or via Paypal. At present we are only able to pay for material that appears in the print version of the newsletter.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily


Yet another good revenue share writing website with an okay Google Page Rank. Payment for published articles is made through PayPal every month once you reach the minimum payout of $10.


Connect with thousands of writers all over the word by writing high quality articles, reviews and tutorials and get 70% of money earned through Google AdSense advertising. Also, promote your personal site on this website with good SEO traffic benefits.


Xomba accepts original, high quality articles to publish free on the site. You receive 60% of Google AdSense revenue generated by your articles published on the site.


Get paid to write,How do I earn money ?You make money from your articles published on weblogs as well as comments you leave on articles. From time to time, we also run contests that entitles you to win cash prizes from us. For articles that you post, we share revenue with you. The revenue is calculated on the basis of views gained by your articles. There is no requirement for an Adsense account because you get paid for writing articles through Paypal or Net Banking.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily

12.Sammiches & Psych

*0-999 unique page views = $0.00
*1000-1999 unique page views = $25.00
*2000+ unique page views = $50.00

They accepts evergreen articles, at least 700-900 words. Make sure they haven’t already covered the topic you’re posting. Use the website search to check.

We are always looking for strong passionate writers who are motivated to develop and write engaging content.With over 25M readers and growing, join the world’s most exclusive & effective contribution program to get a piece of that market!What We Are Looking For? We are looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of TheRichest’s featured categories.

Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily


18. is a Digg-like with a 100% AdSense Revenue Sharing program. Please note that we are not sponsored by or directly affiliated with Google.

6 Revenue Sharing Sites For Photography :Top Revenue Sharing Websites To Make $100 daily


This is an image sharing site that runs paid per view programs of photos that you can upload on there. They will give you $0.14 cent per 5 second view. so the more photos we upload on there, the more income we will get. The minimum money that we can withdraw to paypal is $15. As a free member, the number of photos that can be uploaded in there are 7 photos per day. As for members who have upgraded, the number of photos that we can upload is unlimited and has the right to sell our photos there.

This revenue sharing site works with google adsense in providing revenue to the photographer who joining there.

a site that runs revenue sharing programs generated by google adsenses, where 100% of revenue clicks and impressions is yours entirely as a contributors or photo owners who are on there. The requirement is that you must have an ID code from Google AdSense and of course a lot of good quality photos that already to be uploaded on this stockvault site. This revenue sharing site has quite high PR6 and traffic numbers, namely: 387K permonth

Your income as a contributor on the Stockvault site is not only from Google Adsense, but also from donations of your photo users. This donation comes from the paypal donation button that installed on every page of your photo there. The amount of donation money that will be received depends entirely on the willingness of your photo users to be free but don’t expect too much.


is a revenue sharing site that shares about 80% of revenue from Google Adsense to us. To join on freerangestock site, the requirement is that you must have an ID code from Google Adsense and have a large number of photos that ready to upload there. So the system is that for every photo you upload you will have a special page or download page or link page where on that each page was installed ads from Google adsense. The income for contributors is come from paid per click and paid per thousand impressions (CPM). Freerangestock is a site that runs the longest revenue sharing program on photography field and still exists until today.


is a free image sharing site that is also a revenue sharing sites for photography that provides their income to contributors by using google adsense. This site will provide income of at least 60% of the advertising revenue on there, the percentage will increase with the level of membership you choose. On this site there are 4 levels of membership available, which level 1 is bronze where you will earn 60% of them but you are only allowed to upload 10 photos per month, while level 2 is silver where at this level you are allowed to upload photos unlimited, at this level is the actual income actually starts means that it will increase dramatically. Level 3 is gold, where at this level you earn money an increase of 5%. And finally the 4th level is platinum, where at this level your income will increase by 10%.


is a site that will provide income to contributors based on pay per view. On this site you can share photos, videos, documents, blog articles and links where our income is based on every 1000 views to your photos, videos or articles. They pay you when you have $5 on your account using a redgage visa card. And another interesting thing is that we also get benefit from putting dofollow links on this high PR site, meaning we can get backlinks for our website for free on this site.


The microstock site which is also a revenue sharing site but not using Google Adsense. But use the revenue sharing system to contributors from the sale of photos, videos and graphic designs with different systems. Dreamstime site is a site that is trusted enough to pay or share its income to contributors and is a well-known site with a large number of visits, which is almost 30 million visits per month.
The income of contributors from this site is based on different percentages for subcription sales that only range from $ 0.85, or based on sales with an extended license system, which amounts is about 50% of the price that you set by yourself (maximum is $ 5000 per download per photo and the minimum is $ 250 perdownload per photo) and can also be based royalty free.



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